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Airbrush Tattoos

Airbrush Tattoos/Body Art & Gems

Get the party started with realistic style Airbrush Tattoos and Body Art. Airbrush Tattoos last for 3 -5 days perfect for Barmitzvahs, promotions, gigs, birthday parties, and stag/hen do's. We have a huge choice of stencils to choose from skulls, tribal, butterflies, the choices are endless you can also request bespoke stencils made to specification. The great thing with Airbrush Tattoos is speed with simple one colour designs we can roughly tattoo up to 40 guests in one hour for multiple colours and bigger designs it takes a little longer. The tattoos can be removed with an alcohol wipe or oil if needed. The airbrush runs of a compressor so access to an electrical outlet within 2 feet of the working station is needed. We also offer UV tattoos using fluorescent inks which glows under a UV light.

A super cool look is Airbrush hair tattoos using stencils and different coloured water based inks, leopard print designs in the hair look amazing !

As well as airbrush we also offer glitter tattoos these can stay on for up to 7 days but can also be removed with oil if needed. 

For a sophisticated glitzy party we offer body gems to create stunning  unique Body Art.

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