Abstract Surface

Louise Anand

Loonar Designs

Painting for me is a meditation, a time to  enter into the world of expression, soul, connection and colour. Painting people or canvases satisfies a deep routed desire  to create. I studied Art and went on to do a HND in Theatrical Makeup at the London College Of Fashion.Face and body art is a wonderful  connection with other people to transform the way somebody looks to try and get a sense of their personality and bring it out with colours and designs, the moment  i hold the mirror to show the transformation is what I love about my job as a face and body artist!!!!  ,Painting is a more solitary experience  it gives me time and space to open and explore my creativity and imagination.. I have recently been on a journey creating more abstract works of art, I have found a new surge of energy unleashing a freedom of expression working in a more spontaneous  manner. Creating pieces that take me to the depths of imagination  colours that I want to bathe in. Art for me has been a very grounding ,healing sanctuary somewhere I can express who I am .

'Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life' - Pablo Picasso